Saturday, October 23, 2010

Music Saved My Soul Saturday #6

Hi all this is my first time added a video to a post so I hope this works. Today is week 6 of Marcea's Music Saved My Soul. I've been wanted to join in the last couple of weeks but couldn't decide which song to share. Kind of silly since I am always listening to music. 

This week I decided to share a Blue October song since they are my favorite band. This song is called Should Be Loved. You'll need to push pause on my music player on my side bar to hear this. Hope you all like it :).


Ren-Yi said...

heh - funny enough your ipod on the side bar was also playing blue october :D love this song. a new band for me.

Devlin said...

Thank you for introducing this band to us. I never heard of them, but I very much liked what I just saw and heard. They're awesome!