Thursday, October 15, 2009

I will be hopping! Will you? (Twilight Tuesday is 1 Years Old!)

Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge Anniversary Blog Hop

Twilight Tuesday is turning 1!!! We can’t believe it’s been a whole year and to celebrate we want to inviteeveryone to play along on a Twilight Tuesday Anniversary Blog Hop on our 52nd Challenge on October 27!!!

The theme of our blog hop is A Year of Twilight.

Each hop participant is invited to look back through the past 51 Twilight Tuesday challenges and pick one or more of those challenges as their personal choice for the hop. Make as many projects as you wish!

Here they are:

51. Coming next week.
50. Charlie
49. Home is Where the Heart Is
48. Bond Between Brothers
47. Mary Alice Brandon: Her History
46. Motorcycles and Friendship
45. Name your challenge
44. It’s BOOKS that bring us together
43. A Love Song for Edward and Bella
42. An Unlikely Friendship
41. The Love Triangle
40. Blue
39. Your Everything
38. The Honeymoon
37. A Little Romance
36. A special collaboration with Artful INKables
35. Renesmee
34. Celebrate Summer
33. Favorite New Moon Quote
32. The Great Northwest
31. Graduation
30. The Ballet Studio Scene
29. BFF’s Jacob and Bella
28. The Wedding
27. Jasper Hale
26. The Void
25. Celebrate Your Favorites
24. Carlisle Cullen
23. Bella’s Birthday
22. Mother’s
21. Italy
19. The Villians
18. Twilight Valentine’s
17. Jacob Black
16. Twilight Music
15. Twilight Cars
14. Baseball
13. The supporting characters
12. Twilight Quotes
11. A Very Cullen Christmas
10. Which Female Twilight Character are You?
9. Twilight the Movie
8. Bella Swan
7. Emmett McCarty Cullen
6. Rain
5. Which team are you? Edward? Jacob? Switzerland
4. Alice Cullen
3. Bella and Edward’s Meadow
2. Forks High School
1. Rosalie Hale

If you’d like to sign up you can do that today through October 23rd by entering your information into Mr. Linky below. On October 23rd at midnight central time Mr. Linky will be closed so we can get everyone organized and get our Candy Stops organized!

That’s right I said Candy Stops. What’s a blog hop without blog candy?? Well we are in the process of getting some exciting blog candy together for our commenters on the hop. So far Tonya is offering gift certificate to her store, Stamp Happens, and Beth is offering her two stamps sets Otherworldly Love and Halloween Henry and we are busy gathering more each day! More information about the blog candy and how to find it during the hop will be released on the day of the hop.

We want you to help us celebrate so be sure to join the Design Team and sign up!

Edited to add:I copied this from Twilight Tuesday, so you will need to go there for the Mr. Linky.

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